Plastic Garden Chairs


Summer’s here and it’s time to get the garden ready for entertaining.  Now is the perfect time to update your garden furniture with some new plastic garden chairs, but I’m not talking about the old white plastic chairs we’re used to.

White Plastic Garden Chairs


Bring your garden up to date and wow your friends with the Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair.  If you’re looking to spruce up the garden and introduce something contemporary then kartell gives a whole new meaning to plastic garden chairs.




Available in an array of beautiful colours, Victoria Ghost Chairs can bring a subtle elegance to your garden parties and BBQ’s this summer.  Made of a single injection mould of high-strength polycarbonate, these chairs will not crack like the plastic garden chairs of old.  They are shock resistant, weatherproof and resistant to scratches, making ideal garden furniture.  They also look stunning on a sunny day, when the sun shines right through them!  The only maintenance required is to clean it with a little soapy water every now and then, particularly if exposed to the rain.

Plastic garden furniture is more popular than wooden/wicker garden furniture due to the plastic being completely weatherproof, unlike wooden options which will deteriorate over time.  The problem is that plastic furniture has historically been fairly boring and unattractive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Kartell Victoria Ghost Chairs are the perfect plastic garden chairs, adding style and sophistication to any garden, large or small.  Available from large well-known retailers, you can order your plastic garden chairs today and have them by the weekend!