Here are some general product questions frequently asked by our customers:

    1. How big is the Louis Ghost Chair?
The dimensions of the chair are as follows: 94 cm H, 54 cm W, 55 cm D. The actual seat height is 47 cm and the arm 67 cm.
    1. I am interested in buying the Ghost Chair but I’m not sure what colour to buy. Can you tell me what’s available?
The Louis Ghost Chair is available in 6 transparent colours: crystal clear; pale smoke grey; straw yellow; sunset orange; crystal green; and ice blue. These are fanstastic for adding a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral room. The chair is also available in 2 solid colours: white or black.
    1. It looks a bit flimsy – is it strong enough for regular use?
Despite appearances, it’s fantastically strong and resistant to shock and scratches. It’s made of a single-mould injection of high-strength polycarbonate, and as such there are no joins or seams to catch on your clothes!  The chair has been designed to withstand regular use – perhaps as a dining chair – and it will last for years to come.
    1. What should I use to clean the chair?
Do not use abrasive detergents. Just use a little soapy water, then buff dry with a soft cloth.
    1. How much does the Louis Ghost Chair cost? What if I want to buy a set?
Several retailers are currently selling the Ghost Chair in the UK, with prices starting from £179 at


. How much you pay depends on the availability of the colours you would like, and the amount of chairs you are buying.  Many people want to buy the chairs to complete their dining set. In this instance, some retailers offer bulk discounts for the purchase of 2 or 4 chairs.
    1. Is it ok to use the chair outside in the garden?
The Ghost Chair is both scratchproof and weatherproof making ideal

garden furniture

. To increase its longevity, don’t forget to clean it – especially if exposed to rain – using a little soapy water.

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